Thanksgiving Day Activity this week

With this week being Thanks Giving time in the US once again, it comes time to figure out what to do during this holiday time. ¬†Converse with family members, compare notes, find something to do and eventually make some kind of plan. This year has been different on many fronts from years past and this Thanks Giving seems to be shaping up to be different as well. I’m going to the Macy’s Parade with the family! Now I know what you’re thinking, how is that going to be really awesome or anything given how cold, crowded, and noisy it’s going to be? Well, if I were outside watching it I would agree, but instead I’ll be at Ebay’s office on 34th St in Manhattan watching it form the third floor. Otherwise known as Balloon level! Totally exciting and I hope it’s worth it. I’ll post pics after!

What are you all doing for the holiday? Post a comment and let me know!