Hello, I’m Austin. Nice to meet you, virtually speaking. Just a quick run-down about this blog, why I write here and what I write about.

First, I write posts here because it is an outlet for the many wandering thoughts in my head that often lend themselves to passionate discussion, but not always with anyone to truly discuss it with, so I put my deeper thoughts out here about different topics, with Technology being the forefront of those. Secondly, I write here because tweets are just too short for my long-windedness and so I need a place to link to, from Twitter, to my thoughts here. And lastly, I write here because it’s free, is a cool site setup, lets me try new themes out, play with formatting easily, etc. (i.e. wordpress’s website is pretty awesome for free “Blog/CMS” is concerned)

That’s about it. Not a lot deeper than that. I just need a place to park my thoughts, share them, and see if anyone else cares. If you do, drop me a message or comment on a story and you’ll probably get a response. I also love to hear story suggestions, so if you have some leave a comment or follow me on twitter. @(first part of my URL)

I look forward to hearing from you.



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