Windows “Ocho” sales ache ahead of black friday

In a previous article I wrote right here about Windows 8’s interface and what to expect, there is much more evidence that Microsoft is indeed feeling the pinch.

An article over at Apple Insider highlights this phenomenon and comes after the recent departure of Steven Sinofsky who,until recently, headed the Windows division at Microsoft.

Many of my friends and colleagues have little understanding of the interface for Windows 8 as yet and those I have discussed the matter with all seem to have a wait and see approach, especially where Enterprise environments are concerned. Speaking of enterprise environments, most are just now rolling out Windows 7 due to the soon to be unavailable Windows XP which is still a staple of many environments today.

If businesses and enterprises can make heads or tales of Windows 8 then I predict the broad general user base of consumers and power users will too.

Until then, despite Microsoft’s wishes, we’ll all just have to wait and see.


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