Fitness: Exercise for the day:Wood cutting.

I have a lot of wood to chop through from the recent storm. And honestly I wish I had more, but it’s hard work.

I am however doing all the chopping by hand except for when I have to use a chainsaw to size the logs prior to splitting.

I’m not using a 8 LB axe either, you know the kind shaped like a huge ‘V’ but rather a regular axe that’s not as wide at the rear of the head, or as heavy.

I’m carrying the logs anywhere from as large around as a small pumpkin to a honkin’ huge pumpkin but a lot heavier, about 100 yards or more, stacking them, and then I get’s to a splittin’ with my lumberjack self. Yesterday I split about half a cord, maybe more and today I did about an 8th (inching ever closer to that cord though!) and it’s really great exercise. The best part, aside from a great frustration reliever, I get firewood *and* exercise!

You guys do anything like that to keep fit? Leave a comment!




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