Review: Mizuno Wave Nirvana Shoes

Recently I got a pair of Mizuno Wave Nirvana shoes but not a lot of time to exercise. I’m trying to hold off on wearing them too much because I really want to use them for purely running but with things like non-stop work at the office, late nights, taking care of kids, and a couple of recent storms in the north east here, I’ve been a bit screwed in the time department.

Regardless of all those things going on though I can share a few thoughts about Mizuno from a comfort wear perspective and so far┬áMizuno’s are unlike any shoes I’ve owned before.

1.  The webbing inside and out is very flexible, comfortable and breathable. Almost like the shoe is nothing but a knit sock built on a cushion.

2. Eyelit placement is well designed and firm. TypicallyEyelits are just eyelits but usually I have to adjust how I lace, placement, etc and given that I haven’t run in them I may still have to but I could tell with other shoes I would have to right away. So far everything fits just right.

3. Footbed feels great and is very light. These shoes come in at just under a pound for the pair I think. (like 11.5 ouces or so?) extremely light, durable and the footbed feels like it’s ready to help you blaze a trail wherever your feet take you.

Once I get a chance to actually run a few miles in them I’ll deliver further thoughts but from a basic perspective Mizuno shoes are exciting.


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