[UPDATE] Mac Office 2011 SP1 not installing on some systems?

It appears that some installations of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 are either bitten by a bug, or the SP1 installer is faulty in that both the DMG and the auto-update versions fail to install stating the proper software was not found for updating. I attempted this on an iMac and hackintosh pc with 10.6.3 and 10.6.7 with the same result. I have previously updated Office 2011 without issue, but this SP1 seems to be broken. Has anyone else experienced this?

[Update 1]

I found this very (un)-helpful link that also shows this is happening to others:



2 responses to “[UPDATE] Mac Office 2011 SP1 not installing on some systems?

    • Hi there. Yes, “Software version required not found”. So what do you mean about moving the folder? The Mac Office 2011 installer creates a folder called “Microsoft Office 2011” in the Applications directory. Are you saying I should move that folder out of Applications to somewhere else or move the installer to that folder? Thanks in advance.

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