First Look: The Best Browser Your iPad Needs You to Buy.

Most people who use Apple’s iPhone or iPad are pretty used to the fact that mobile Safari and even Opera for the iPhone are ok, but certainly leave some things to be desired. Well, now there is, IMO, a true browser alternative on the scene and it’s name is iCab. The Apple Blog has a really great overview of this amazing browser that all of you might find a highly worthwhile read. This browser, in my opinion, is definitely worth grabbing and is a universal application so will run on your iPhone as well, but is much better suited to a larger screen and more power.

One significant improvement of this browser is the true Tab support. Which i so far have been very happy with. On top of that iCab also has a fairly speedy rendering engine. The browser is basically built with the same Webkit engine that mobile safari uses, but seems to render much faster, kind of a mix between safari and Opera. iCab also has “module” support which adds some interesting functionality


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