Discussion: Keep Exercise High Priority to Stay Motivated on the Job Hunt

We all know that to relieve stress or keep it from building up, it’s very important to get proper sleep, eat well, and exercise. Ive found searching for a job requires similar tactics. Eating, in this case is ingesting lots of useful information, sleeping is time to rest between interviews, and exercise is finding ways to reach out communicate to people about what it is you wNt to do and trying to make use of the information you’ve ingested. Along with this set of ideals, actual exercise, sleep, and eating right will help you keep the energy level needed to find the right job.

Looking for a job, filling out resumes, taking interviews, all those things can make you pretty tired and being well exercised will help a lot in keeping you fit mentally and physically in more than just a stress relief sort of way. I try to keep these things in mind and so far, it’s kept me off edge, on my toes, and moving in as positive direction as I can. Good luck to us all.


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