Editorial: Looking for work in 2011

As I write this short article it’s hard to simply say that I’m looking for work in 2011, mainly because I am in a circumstance that so many people have found themselves in over the last few years. I’m not just looking for work, I have been chosen by my company to make the ultimate corporate sacrifice, recently being informed at I must go find another job. I was in shock, sort of, but I half expected it for various reasons and so when I was told, it hurt, but not as bad as it would have if I didn’t think it could ever happen to me. The worst part, at least for me in the layoff pool is that I have this desire to finish things I started, improve those things I was already working on, and find new and useful methods to accomplish tasks. I say the latter in part because in a way, I was surely getting bored and had begun to focus in things that would help make the goal at hand exciting again.

One of the most recent exciting things I’ve been thinking on is how to approach cloud use in applications, storage appliances, mobile devices, etc as an enabling force that will carry our human race into the next cultural collision. You see, I believe that by enabling people, regardless of language, location, age, etc that we can build bridges between cultures and further our understanding of each other. By providing is thing that everyone can just use, without any major skill, teaching, thought, etc, we will enable ourselves with better communication, and in turn foster bridge building. So, I’m sad in a way that I can’t try to help accomplish this task in the manner I had planned, instead I have to hit the pause button, worry about some things for a bit, find a better outcome, become happier as a result, then, and probably only then, could I help lay the foundations of bridges yet to be built. From the sound of it though, I think that’s the only path to happiness at the moment, but maybe that’s not a bad thing.

Good luck to me, and to us all, for a better future!


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