2011 Resume for Austin Gonyou


To add capacity and expertise to a team of engineers or consultants to help drive the arrival of next-generation cloud-based applications and multi-terabyte, widely distributed storage topologies both in the consumer space and in the enterprise.

Also, to provide creative and unique solutions to problems regardless of scale and difficulty which enables customers and organizations to benefit from adoption of new procedures or processes resulting from those solutions.

Professional experience

Nov 2009 – Present Hewlett-Packard Corp. Colorado Springs, Colorado
SharePoint Solutions Engineer, Application Performance Solutions HP

Primary Responsibilities:
• Create hardware and software solution White-Papers for SharePoint 2007 and 2010 deployed on HP technology
• Create As-Needed workloads and components using LoadRunner
• Execute Enterprise level tests with LoadRunner against SharePoint 2007 and 2010 environments based on self-created workloads
• Generate test data for incorporation into the HP Sizer for SharePoint
• Generate server and storage configurations for incorporation into Solution Briefs and Recommended Configuration papers
• Work with customers on an As-Needed basis to help achieve understanding or knowledge transfer about SharePoint deployments on HP hardware
• Create content for Presentations and Webinars for delivery to broad audiences
• Write test plans and execute tests based on test plans
• Deploying SharePoint 2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V with LeftHand iSCSI or EVA FibreChannel
Other Responsibilities:
• Aid team members with document reviews
• Aid team members with results reviews
• Aid team members with hardware configuration and setup
• Maintain and troubleshoot test hardware and software deployments
• Develop plans for testing and configuring hardware on an As-Needed basis (G6->G7 upgrades for instance)
• Investigating D2D Store Once Backup scenarios with SharePoint 2010
• Investigating FCoE and Flex Fabric deployments with SharePoint 2010

Feb 2006 – Nov 2009 Hewlett-Packard Corp. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Oracle Solutions Engineer, Customer Focused Testing HP

Primary Responsibilities:
• Create tested hardware and software solution White-Papers for Oracle (9, 10g, 11g) which includes deployment with HP technology
• Employ Benchmark Factory testing software to drive test workloads utilized in writing solution capability descriptions for Oracle focused White-Papers
• Execute mid-market and enterprise level tests with Benchmark factory against Oracle to drive workloads for on various OSes for:
• Backup and Recovery Scenarios (Disk-to-disk and VLS with RMAN)
• Remote Replication (EVA, MSA ,XP)
• Oracle Data Guard
• Oracle Encryption scenarios
• Oracle ASM Testing and configuration
• High-Throughput solutions
• Hyper-V and VMware based test solutions
• Generate Presentation and Webinar material for Oracle and HP storage solutions derived from testing
• Assist in customer demonstrations on an As-Needed basis
• Provide individual customer presentations on an As-Needed basis to assist pre-sales
• Architect custom, never before utilized, Oracle and HP Technology based solutions along with customer input in coincidence with test result data
• Utilize and deliver HP Software integrated solutions:
• HP Systems Insight Manager
• HP Performance Agents
• HP Storage Essentials
• HP Command View TL
• HP Command View EVA
• Write test plans and execute tests based on test plans
Other Responsibilities:
• Aid team members with document reviews
• Aid team members with results reviews
• Aid team members with hardware configuration and setup
• Maintain and troubleshoot test hardware and software deployments
• Develop plans for testing and configuring hardware on an As-Needed basis (1GbE->10GbE upgrades for instance, or FlexFabric FCoE)

Feb 2001 – Feb 2006 Coremetrics, Inc. Austin, Texas
SAN Disk and Tape Storage Architect

Primary Responsibilities:
• Storage resource management
• Performance analysis and tuning of SAN and Host IO
• Configuration, maintenance, and monitoring of SAN Switch, Zone, and Fabric for Primary and Backup SANs
• Plan for storage infrastructure growth, migration, and backup for minimal impact and down time.
• Procure hardware and software solutions to expand enterprise storage infrastructure
• Plan and implement tiered storage infrastructure QoS methodology based on data warehouse performance statistics.
• Diagram and document total storage infrastructure from block to component level.
Other responsibilities:
• Plan, manage, and carry out data migration projects
• Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting from server to storage back-end.
• Maintain static binding configurations for qLogic HBAs, as well as IBM FAStT and STK partitions.
• Implemented RDAC for use with IBM and STK subsystem
• Tuned Linux DB host kernel parameters to increase performance and stability regarding IO
• Plan and implement a storage virtualization infrastructure to better leverage the commodity storage for performance, SLA, and cost.
• Research, plan, and test Oracle 8i to 9i upgrade
• Create final configuration matrix for Oracle 9i DB system and software configuration used in testing and implementation

Sep 1999 – Feb 2001 Coremetrics, Inc. Austin, Texas
Senior Systems Administrator

Primary Responsibilities:
• Build and maintain Oracle 8i DB systems running Solaris 2.7 and 2.8 on SUN E4500 and E10K servers attached to EMC 3930 and 8730 Symmetrix based SANs
• Implement Apache 1.3.xx on Solaris 2.7 on x86 and RedHat Linux 7.1
• Implement Apache 1.3.xx on RedHat Linux ES 3
• Build, maintain, and troubleshoot web server hardware and software configurations
• Research, specify, build, maintain, and troubleshoot RedHat 7.2 Linux x86 Oracle 8i DB servers for transition from SUN Enterprise hardware and software (created custom kernel to accommodate load)
• Maintain corporate RedHat Linux CVS server
• Maintain corporate Test, Beta, and Parallel Production SAN and server environments.
• Performed data warehouse and server migrations from SUN E4500s connected to EMC SANs to IBM x345s connected to IBM and STK SANs
• Plan scale and upgrade path of Oracle 8i DB and web servers

Other responsibilities:
• Research, test, and implement specific kernel performance patches and fixes
• Test file-system performance for use in a production environment.

June 1998 – Sept 1999 Dell Computer Corp. Round Rock, Texas
Level 2 Server and Storage Support Tech/Trainer

Primary Responsibilities:
• Responsible for resolving server and storage problems in a timely manner through troubleshooting and discussion with customers on the phone or through e-mail.
• Achieved 90% success rate with only 10% callbacks due to break-fix repair through troubleshooting not being effective on the first call.
• Achieved 99% accuracy for all troubleshooting repairs issued.
• Responsible for training other L2 and L1 technicians on the use and troubleshooting of Linux based systems for RedHat and SuSe
• Responsible for handling all L3 SAN storage call escalations within the L2 organization and liaison with the L3 SAN storage organization if long-term customer attention was required.


April 1993 – June 1998 USMC MCBH, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu
Calibration, Test, and Measurement School
• Trained to test, troubleshoot, and calibrate physical and electrical devices
• Over 20 credit hours of equivalent college experience towards AS degree
• Responsible for test, repair, and calibration of pneumatic, physical, and electronic test equipment used by various flight squadrons to test and repair aircraft to ensure the safety and accuracy of the instruments used by flight crews. Including but not limited to all major flight components and systems.

Jan 1997 – May 1997 HPU MCBH, Kaneohe Bay, Oahu
• Completed 18 Credit hours toward CompSci degree with HPU


Whitepapers listed have been used by HP Customers

• Oracle 8i and 9i Nearline Backups with HP EVA 5000 and FATA Drives
• Oracle 10g Nearline Backups with HP EVA 5000/8000 and FATA Drives
• Oracle 10g Deployment Best Practices with HP EVA8000
• Oracle 10g Backup and Recovery Best Practices with HP Data Protector
• Oracle 10g Backup and Recovery Best Practices with Symantec NetBackup
• Oracle 11g Backup and Recovery Best Practices with HP Data Protector
• Oracle 11g Backup and Recovery Best Practices with Oracle Encryption
• Oracle 10g Grid Control Best Practices with HP EVA8100
• Ultra Large Scale Oracle 10g Databases on commodity HP Storage

• SharePoint 2010 Social Networking with HP Servers and Storage
• SharePoint 2010 midmarket recommended configurations with HP 3PAR F-Class Storage Systems
• SharePoint 2010 Enterprise recommended configurations with HP 3PAR T-Class Storage Systems


Skills listed are Intermediate or Expert level. Technologies

  •  Fiber Channel SAN Topology
    •  SAN Switch configuration and maintenance (Brocade and Cisco)
    •  1, 2, 4, and 8Gbps SAN integration
    •  SAN Zoning
    •  Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
    • HP B-Series BladeSystem interconnect modules
    • HP Virtual Connect SAN Configuration
  • Fiber Channel Storage Deployment and integration
    • IBM DS-Series
    • DataDomain
    • DataGeneral
    • EMC Symmetrix (3930/8730)
    • HP Storage
      • HP EVA 3000, 5000, 4000, 6000, 8000, 8100, 6400, 4400
      • HP MSA 1500, 1510i, P2000, P2000 G2 (Compaq
      • HP P4000
  • Fiber Channel Tape Library Deployment
    • MSL 2024/4048 (LTO4) (BDT FlexStor)
    • EML 103e (LTO3/4) (STK)
    • ESL 712e  (LTO2/3/4) (Quantum)
    • SONY AIT2 96 Tape Library
    • DELL DLT2 Tape Libraries (STK)
  • Fiber Channel Virtual Tape Library Deployment
    • HP VLS and de-duplication (Sepaton)
    • HP D2D and de-duplication  (HP)
  • iSCSI SAN implementation
    • LeftHand/P4000
    • LeftHand VSA
  • Network Technologies
    • 1Gbs and 10Gbps ProCurve Ethernet switch configuration
    • 1Gbps and 10Gbps Cisco Ethernet switch Configuration
    • VLANs and Trunking
    • Network Load Balancing
    • HP Network Management Software
    • HP ProCurve BladeSystem interconnect modules
    • HP Virtual Connect Network Configuration
  • Virtualization
    • Microsoft Hyper-V guest management
    • Microsoft Hyper-V live migration
    • VMWare ESX Server
    • Oracle VM (Linux) server
  • Operating Systems
    • Linux (RedHat, SuSe, Gentoo, Debian)
    • MacOS X (10.5 and 10.6)
    • Solaris 7, 8, 9, and 10 for Intel and Sparc
    • Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2008 R2
    • HPUX
  • Programming
    • Bash, ZSH, and C Shell Scripting
    • Some Perl (runtime and compiled)
    • Some C and C++ (Linux Kernel Patching and debugging)
    • Some experience with GCC 3 and 4
    • Distributed compiling environments with DistCC
  • Testing Tools
    • LoadRunner 9.5
    • LoadRunner 11
    • Benchmark Factory for Databases
    • Custom tools configuration (iozone, tiobench, netbench, apachebench, DD (with pattern injection)

Soft Skills

• Develop Customer Presentations
• Develop Sales Support Collateral
• Deliver Presentations in forums, 1-on-1, or for Webinars (live or recorded)
• Provide customer solution recommendations for sales support
• Engage with sales organizations to provide customer facing data or feedback
• Collaborate with multiple groups on “Save the sale” operations As-Needed
• Generate and provide educational materials to support whitepaper activities As-Needed
• Liaison between program managers, sales, and customers As-Needed
• Provide Deep-dive technical discussions to support different organizations for full solution discussions


• Mountain Biking
• Road Biking
• Bike Races
• CycloCross
• Camping
• Trail Running
• Drawing
• Video Games
• Cooking
• Blogging


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