Look Here: Dear HDR Apps, You’re still as useful as ever.

This is just a quick update for all those folks out there that have gone on to say things like “HDR Apps soon to be obsolete … Thanks to Apple.” Or how about one like “Pro HDR app could be history thanks to Apple” from the good folks over at AppAdvice.com. Yes, Apple’s latest software update for iOS4 (4.1) allows users of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS to take HDR photos automatically using their phones. I personally think it’s awesome but the bigger question is why didn’t anyone do this with all the numbers of DSLR’s out there before?

So if Apple’s responsible for the intelligence that goes into *other* manufacturer’s products, then sure, its their fault. But the reality is that any manufacturer could add the HDR capability into the cameras at any time but have been leaving the capability up to the photographer or whoever processes the photos and I think, maybe I’m wrong, that most photographers will *still* want it that way, and having an option of using HDR will be just that. Just like in the iPhone, an option that not everyone will use, or want to.


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