Comparison: Apple TV (2010) vs Roku HD-XR TV Media Players

This piece is for one of my friends whom I work with and recently, upon hearing the new Apple TV announcement decided to pre-order. And in my opinion, that’s just fine cause overall, I think the new Apple TV kicks butt. Though I do have experience with the Roku first hand and think it’s very cool too. So what is a technophile to do? Buy one? Both? None? (that last one isn’t really an option I know, but still, had to put it in there.)

So, I have done one of the most basic things you can do. I decided to compare the two platforms on a one to one basis, or at least as closely as I could.

First let me give you the specs on the Roku. This comes directly from the web site:

Roku HD-XR Specifications
Roku HD-XR Specifications

And here are the specifications for the new Apple TV. This was taken directly from the AppleTV web site:
Apple TV 2010 Specifications

Now in my opinion, this might be a bit excessive to easily compare, but at least their on the same page. But to make things easier, I’m going to break it down to make it easier to compare. So without further ado, here’s a quick comparison of what each respective company website says about each player. I would like to point out that Apple puts the processor information on their device specs, but we don’t see them on Roku’s site. Another consideration is the iTunes/iDevice compatibility that the ATV has. Enjoy.

Media  Player Comparison

Roku Player

Apple TV (2010)

Height 1.75″ 0.9 “
Width 5″ 3.9″
Depth 5″ 3.9″
Weight 0.7 Lbs 0.6 Lbs
  Component X
S-Video X
  Composite X
Audio Out Stereo X
  Digital Optical Digital Optical
Video Resolution 480i 480i
480p 480p
  720p 720p
Stream Services NetFlix NetFlix
  Flickr Flickr
YouTube YouTube
  From Computer From Computer
X To iDevice
  X iTunes
Network Connection WiFi (a/b/g/n) WiFi (a/b/g/n)
  10/100 RJ45 10/100 RJ45
Power AC Adapter Power Cord
  12.5watts 6watts
Video Format ? H.264
  ? MPEG-4
Audio Format ? HE-AAC
  ? MP3
  ? Apple Lossless
  ? WAV
X = does not
? = not
listed in spec per web site

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