Review: MyWi 4.0 First Impressions

Hi, all, it’s been a long time since my last update. Been busy with lots of things, among them has been trying to find the MyWi version that works on my old-as-hell iPhone 3G with the jail broken iOS 4. Well finally, it is here and … maybe, it’s just what you need, especially if you look at AT&T’s new tethering price. (I.e. An extra 20 bucks to only have regular old tether service.

So let’s look at what MyWi is and what it isn’t.
1. MyWi is not a pet. Won’t play dead, and won’t rollover.
2. MyWi is not a supermodel. It won’t throw up to stay thin, and it won’t strike a pose.
3. MyWi is a cool application to share your Internet, more than just a tether.
4. MyWi is an iPhone user’s best friend. (so in that sense you *could* call it a pet.)

MyWi can tether any computer or device that supports WiFi or Bluetooth and it allows it’s users access to the Internet as provided through the 3G or Edge connection. A very cool new feature however is the ability to use the iPhone’s existing wireless connection as well, pretty much acting as a wireless client bridge. How cool is that?

Another new feature, which is more of an improvement over the previous version is the ability to attenuate the WiFi power output to help preserve battery life. This feature does in fact work well and is especially useful in remote locations or in a car where the charging power may only just be enough to charge the phone when you’re not tethering.

There are of course security features on the wifi hotspot you create, but that’s not a huge feature IMO, as such security was there before, now it’s a little more configurable.

The only down side to the new MyWi is the price. It used to cost 9.99, but the price has gone up a lot to 19.99. The MyWi developer has done users who’ve bought MyWi before a great thing thoug by offering them a small break and you only have to pay 9.99, so it’s not a complete cost increase for those users. I also want to point out that this is a lifetime cost as well, so unless the version increases because of a similar type of rewrite, you’re unlikely to see another price increase anytime soon.

So if truly unlimited, unhindered tethering, and hotspot capability is something you think you might enjoy, this app is for you. Just remember to keep your throughput in-check so you don’t incur too many, if any, overage charges.

Here’s a link to MyWi so you can see for yourself: MyWi


2 responses to “Review: MyWi 4.0 First Impressions

  1. If it’s wi-fi it shouldn’t incur any data from your internet plan right? With At&t they don’t charge for any data if its used via wi-fi. Just trying to figure out if this is different from the tethering package that they offer.

    • If you use the wifi tethering part to bridge an existing wifi connection then it shouldn’t use any data. You could turn off the data part to test it pretty easily.

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