Discussion: What did you do on Memorial Day?

Hi everyone! I was just curious what you all did this Memorial Day weekend. I, like an idiot tried to go camping on Friday night with the two older kids. I spent part of the afternoon calling campgrounds, national parks, local parks, and even the pikes peak highway. But to no avail. So instead I trusted my instincts and went out to woodland park,co and looked on north on highway 67. We searched 7 campgrounds and did find several possible sites, but all were near the road. We were so screwed. The sun was setting, it was getting late, and we had no options left but to take us and our car full of kids and gear home! Crap! Then I remembered we could’ve checked that one a little better. So I went back and sure enough. There was a whole non-paid section in the back of this one campground. Not only that but there were only a few of them at all and we got one of the best left due to the fact we were using a tent exclusively. If we had a RV or trailer or something we might not have fit well. So we were very lucky that we actually got a spot and we had about 20 minutes of light left. Just enough time to get the tent up, start the charcoal to cook the dogs, and then get the food hung and the dog fed. 10ish mins, and got the tent up before the sun was completely gone, got the charcoal out and started digging the fire pit, 5mins left till darkness, then got the charcoal started and the grill prepared. Total sundown. Whew. A bit of a whirlwind evening trying to find a spot to camp, but we did it, got the fire started, while it was getting good, got the chairs and food out for the kids and dog to eat and by that time it was hot enough to get the dogs cooked. From then on, it was pretty normal and we got to eat, got for a walk at night with the dog, get jammies on and watch a movie on the iPad before bed. Put the dog in the car to sleep over night, she likes it there for some reason, and we hit the sack. In the AM we got up and let the dog out, got dressed and ate some breakfast i prepared the previous afternoon. We broke camp in about 1 hr after that and we were outta there. We even took a hike in the day time to see where we really were, great site, no fees, and no bears, but we did find bear poop. Good thing, we didn’t lose a dog or a kid. 🙂 So what did you all do for your weekend adventure?


2 responses to “Discussion: What did you do on Memorial Day?

  1. I went camping, took the kids on a bike-trailer ride, flew a giant kite with them, and went for a bike ride with my dad and wife. Oh yeah, hung out at the campsite with my mom, too.

    Good on you for finding that campsite just in time. You are the master of squeezing all the goodness in to a small amount of time. 🙂

    • Hah, awesome. It’s cool to have your family nearby. Thanks for the compliment too. It’s just that USMC training man. Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

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