First Look: iCab, the Best Browser Your iPad Wants You to Buy

Most of us who use Apple iPhones or iPads understand there are some shortcomings of the Mobile Safari and Opera for iPhone browsers. Certainly we are left feeling there are things which we want the browsers to do and they just don’t quite meet the standard we’re used to. Well there’s a new web browser on the scene and it clearly means to change things with features not yet seen on an iPhone or iPad. The Apple Blog has a great review of this browser and it is absolutely well worth the read, IMO. That said, I have some of my own thoughts and we can talk about some of the cool features this wonderful browser has.

iCab has tabs, like for realz. Along with the tabs, the render engine seems to be pretty quick, sort of in-between Mobile Safari and Opera. Interestingly enough, iCab still uses Webkit that Safari uses, but is certainly much faster. Another interesting feature is the use of multi-touch “gestures” in full screen mode. For example, 2 fingers for the Settings bar, 3 fingers for the “scroll pad”, another interesting idea, and 4 fingers for the tab selection interface. Overall the feel is polished and highly usable and I can easily say that this is one of the coolest browsers I’ve used on an Apple device, at all. (sorry Opera)

There is however, one problem with this browser. I originally typed this article on iCab on the WordPress site, cause I was so jazzed that everything worked so well, I then wanted to look at some of the features to then write about them. Upon doing so, iCab opened a new page, but not in a new tab, in the same window as my WordPress page. “Oh, I better hit the back button” I said to myself, and upon doing so, I had a “reloaded” page, albeit for a new post, but nothing was in it. All my fields were empty. “Crap”, I also said.

So, that’s a big sore thumb in my opinion. I hope the folks who made this browser as cool as it already is can fix that soon. Maybe there’s a setting I need to use that I haven’t set or something, but so far, I haven’t found it. Anyhow, it’s worth the 1.99$ that you’ll spend on this and has far fewer of the downfalls I feel Safari has, *and* it’s universal so it works just fine on the iPad and works great with many tabs, so go get it already!


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