Discussion: Twitter for iPhone upgraded, but still not for iPad?

Late last night and early this morning the official Twitter app went live in the apple app store. This is cool because Twitter bought the app formerly known as Tweetie for iPhone to offer as the official Twitter application on the iPhone and iPod touch. I was totally excited to get this new upgrade to Tweetie as I’ve really grown to love the application. My only issue at all with this so called “upgrade” is that the app is not universal, meaning it doesn’t run native resolution on the iPad. I was quite surprised, and certainly disappointed, to see the little screen fire up in my bigger screen. It was made so even more since apps like Twitterific and Tweetdeck are both running native resolutions already. This leaves me using both of those apps more than I do Twitter(tweetie2) these days. I hope they upgrade the app soon or come out with an entirely new native version for the iPad. So, I emplore you Twitter Gods, can I get a new versioon for the ipad? Here’s to hoping.


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