Discussion: Text/Data Usage surpasses voice in the US

An article over at Boy Genius Report points out what I feel is just plain obvious and the reason vendor lock-in by carriers is just stupid and wrong. Cell companies would have you believe the costs they spend on network upgrades would justify the massive costs we as consumers pay as those same companies continue to enjoy a fairly hefty profit. So the point here is that data and text as a medium is now one of the primary channels of communication. Honestly, well, duh. Since these cell companies have been running networks the whole time they understand that these magic honeycomb “cells” are more than wireless telephone jacks and always have been. That said, with the introduction and fairly good acceptance of devices like the iPhone and iPad for examples, which a both very data hungry, it seems to me this has been a clearly consumer driven choice for years now. I’m just surprised this wasn’t official sooner.

Have a look at bgr.com here: bgr.com article


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