Technology: iPad on WiFi using JB iPhone 3G with MyWi

If you’ve been wondering, how can I get my iPad WiFi version on the road this summer, without too much stress on the wallet, you might want to consider this simple technical solution. I recently got an iPad 3G + Wifi and I haven’t activated the 3G part yet, mainly because I really want to use the 3G capabilities later on, not now, so why spend the money on something I won’t use for a month or so. Now that your question about my sanity, or intelligence, is out of the way, consider this solution if you have one of the 500,000 or so iPad Wifi’s out there.

1. iPhone 3G or 3Gs (running 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 OS)
2. Spirit Jailbreak (only for the iPhone in this case)
3. iPad (running 3.2 OS)
4. A power outlet (need this if you’re using it in the car, etc, otherwise you’ll eat the heck outta your battery life on the iPhone)
5. An application which needs Wifi (In this case, Appstore on the iPad, Netflix, or maybe ABC?)

So, get your iPhone 3G or 3Gs (not already jailbroken), and download Spirit from and choose either Windows or Mac to a computer with iTunes 9.x on it.
Then connect your USB/Sync cable to the iPhone 3G or 3GS and let iTunes back it up, after that has completed, you’re ready to run “Spirit”. Click the jailbreak button and wait.
Once your phone has rebooted, you will now have a Cydia icon somewhere on your phone. Open Cydia and search for RockApp and install it. Next quit Cydia and start RockApp which has been recently installed. Once RockApp is open, look for “MyWi” and download it. It comes with a 14 day full trial and it’s highly worth checking out before you buy.
Startup MyWi and use the Wifi Tethering option listed in the app. Search for this new Wifi network on your iPad and you’re ready to go.

Finally, startup your favorite app, I used Netflix, and start streaming something or downloading an app over 20MB from the appstore, and see what happens. Should pretty much be that simple. For those squeamish about jailbreaking, and you didn’t sped the 10$ for MyWi, you can just re-lock/un-JB your phone by restoring it to factory defaults. Cool thing is, as long as it’s 3.1.3, you can just JB again if you feel the need.

Here’s a picture from Netflix streaming across Edge:

one issue though, is that it’s just not that fast on Edge. 3G is much better, but either way, it *does* work well. Using things like twitter, etc even through edge seems to be just fine on the iPad. So good luck and happy streaming!

Spirit Jailbreak tool
MyWi on


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