Review: CW-x Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts

It’s been a few weeks now and I have been pretty busy working, running, mountain biking, partying, and now i need a rest, however, i would like to give some thoughts on these great tight shorts. First off, they are very much compression shorts with a maximum stability edge. If you’re already familiar with compression shorts, but haven’t yet tried CW-x, you certainly should give them a try. The stabilyx line of shorts and tights offers a lot of support for abdomen, lower back, hips and more. The first time I wore these it was quite warm out and I didn’t know how these things would do overall, but felt sure they were at least cool enough. I ran an approximately 3 mile course, one of the many simple ones I have near work in the mountain park right near the office. I set out to run and observed how I felt when I was done. My run time was approximately the same as usual, and level of effort was a little higher than usual, but my overall recovery time was pretty quick. I ran during working hours, instead of the usual end of day run or ride I might do, and there was no issue for me to go right back to work, none the worse for wear.

I could tell that my knees, hips, groin, and thighs were in great shape and didn’t have any real issues recovering to speak of. My muscles felt great for sure, much like the Insulator Expert tights I have, but these particular stabilyx shorts don’t have the knee support that the 3/4 length or full tights do. So if you’re looking for the knee support, these tights may not fit the bill, but they do have the added abdominal and hip/IT band support you may want which will help reduce or eliminate knee pain in most wearers. Having said a mouthful there, what does is have to do with performance and comfort? Well, after wearing theirs shorts in several different climate conditions, I can say they do keep me comfortable in a variety of temps, they provide a noticeable amount of support and as a result, your legs and lower torso feel great during and after exercise. I have also been able to sustain a higher overall speed when running. Since I’ve been wearing these shorts, I have increased my overall speed by ~2mph to yield about 7mph during trail running, and about 8mph during gym/treadmill workouts with interval and random elevation profiles. Using these on the elliptical and recumbent bike is really noticeable as well. Overall improved sustained performance. This is my second pair of CW-x compression gear, and I’ve got to say that I am now a believer. Their shorts/tights do what they say they will do, and really allow me to reach my potential and get a better workout every time.

If you’re interested in trying them, take a look at and figure out which line will suit you best, then go to and order them. Well worth the investment, just make sure to closely review the sizing chart. Getting a size too big might feel funny and be less effective, and too small might just not be very comfortable. They are compression apparel after all.

Happy running!


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