Fitness: 18 Hours of Fruita is Wrapped

The Fruita 18 hour mountain bike race just wrapped up this weekend for us and overall a highly successful trip. Out of the 10 solo riders our group had 4 of them! To make matters worse, or better (depends on your point of view), two of our teammates ended up taking two of the finalist places. Daniel Borromiso (sp?) took second for solo mens competition and Brad Baker took third! Our third string took fifth and we had one injury. It all came out alright though as the injury was not as babas it could have been.. It was a great time overall and we had a blast. I for one cant wait to enter one of these races. It was a great time with great riders and learned a lot about bike repair, fitness, stress, and so much more.

If anyone is interested in seeing pics from the race have a look here:


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