Fitness: 18 Hours of Fruita This weekend! (UPDATE)

Hi all, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, well, any damn thing at all, but let me assure you I’m still alive and so is my blog. I’ll be updating it more soon, just had a few loose ends to tie up and it’s taken me a while. So, without further ado, I wanted to remind everyone that one of the coolest mountain biking events in Colorado is taking place this weekend and I’m just lucky enough to go and support two friends in their monumental efforts to ride this 7ish mile course Solo for 18 straight hours. (or as much of the 18 hours they feel they can handle)

So if you’re on twitter or google Buzz, be sure to follow @agonyou for updates on how these guys are doing. I’ll also be updating this blog periodically with more information than you probably care to hear about, but it’ll be here and you can get updates on how their laps are going, pictures, and maybe even some video.

Take care everyone and hopefully you’ll be hearing from me shortly!

The names of the soloists weren’t completely known to me for our group so I asked someone and here they are, Including Bike specifications. I’ll post pics and later today/tomorrow, in case you wanted to know:

Chris Tirpak – Titus Racer-X (in 3×9 config)

Jon Nordby – Salsa Dos Niner (in 3×9 config)

Daniel Boromisa – Lynskey Titanium 29er (in 1×9 config)

Brad Barker (woof woof) – Access XCL 9r (in 1×9 config)

Remember race fans, start time is Midnight tomorrow/Saturday, so keep an eye out and have a great weekend.


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