Discussion: What is Apple’s Capacity for Revolutionary Design?

I’ve been writing a lot lately about Apple, iPad, multitasking, iPhone OS, computing, technology, etc. So much so I almost got sick of it, except I keep seeing all this great commentary about Apple’s products, patents, mobile technology, etc. SO why is this in anyway important, well, I’ll let someone who’s job it is tell you that, after the jump.
One thing I will say though is that in many ways, I used to just get so irritated by Apple and the direction of the company. That was before I even payed attention to, knew who, and understood at all what any major tech company was really about. This was also before I understood the difference between what Apple/Steve were trying to accomplish and everyone else.

Anyway, a lot of people expound on this all the time, every day, so what, in this article, does anything I wrote have to do with Apple and their design capabilities? Well, first, we all know about Apple’s Nietzsche-ian mantra “less is more” (taken out of context I agree, but the point is the same). Apple impresses and caters to those who not only “Think Different.” but also want something different. I don’t, and I’m sure won’t, always agree with Apple’s choices, or at least all of them, but there is a certain quality and comfort you can expect from Apple and their products. With the release of the iPad, Steve … I think anyway … is trying to sort of get his ideas to a more mass audience who may also be not as savvy or care about technology, etc, like some of us do. And you know, that’s probably what the world needs anyway. Everyone isn’t Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Woz, etc. I’m sure more than half the people who own iPhones and Mac computers in general just like the interface and design, and won’t even push the devices to their limits like I do on a daily basis. This means that some of us in the community of technical elites or heady engineers, don’t always appreciate something that almost seems technically unimpressive.

given the iPad’s lack of insides, iPad Teardown Photos, the device almost seems worthless when you look at it. This is the gift of anyone who’s truly talented. You can give two people some ingredients, say, a block of cheese, 6 eggs, some salt and pepper, creme, flour and some fruit. You might jump right to a crepe as the end result. However one could just as easily make an omelette stuffed with cheese and a side of fruit sauteed with a creme sauce. Same ingredients, vastly different end results in terms of taste, style, and direction. The iPad, in reality has something, or rather doesn’t have something, that may of these kinds of devices in the industry have. There is no wasted time in the device. No lost ambition, I mean, it doesn’t have a camera, but it sure “has room for one”, it may not be as “fast” as some like, but in my humble opinion, it’s plenty fast enough to have fun with. (Some may be familiar with this kind of woman. LOL) So you see Apple got the vision right, now they just have to execute on their ideals to change the current computing paradigm, and I still think this is a huge step in the right direction. I’ve been waiting for this since I was watching Star Trek reruns when I was a kid.

Now that you’ve heard what I have to say, please go have a look at this article by Stacey Higginbotham over at Gigaom.com. Enjoy!



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