How-To: Tips for Snow Leopard PC Install

A colleague of mine recently asked me if I knew anything about Macs and if he should get one, may answer was yes, he should, but if he wanted to just mess around with OSX to get familiar before buying, he might consider repurposing a laptop or something and load it on there to get used to the way things work before taking the plunge.

Here’s a small guide I came up with to help him:

This is a nice, jump-in kind of install that is a bit frustrating to get running, but pretty much runs well, with the exception of anything that needs OpenGL, this means quicktime, TimeMachine, screensavers, and even background configuration may not work properly. One good thing though, flash and most other programs like photoshop, etc, work fine.

Installing OSX on a machine:

This is a trial and error effort, but if you pay attention to what you’re doing and chat up some of the other users in the community, you can get success:

Starting point:
Drivers called kexts, short for Kernel Extentions:

SnowOSX v3.6 installer google search:

Download the installer from a torrent, is a good one, perhaps dad should do that depending on what crap advertisements might be on the page J
it’s a OSx 10.6 installer that installs on MBR systems, if you plan to dual boot, it’s a good thing IMO. Customized system with minimal changes for booting on most systems makes this installer pretty easy to get running. Beware OS updates though until you can get a backup of your “well running and configured” OSX environment.

Otherwise look at this guide for fully OSX GPT systems:

Snow Leopard requires GPT, and once you get it running and start messing with storage, it’s easy to see why. (I wish MS would do this)

One last note, you will need a bootloader, I recommend chameleon, and it will be installed if you use SnowOSX’s installer, but you may want to update from what they have in there, so it’s good to learn about them:

I hope this is helpful to all you folks itching to try OSX out there!


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