How-To: Multiple Calendars on iPad via Google Sync!

Just ran across this article over on how to configure multiple calendars with the iPad via Google Sync!
Here’s an excerpt:

“The problem is — using a Microsoft Exchange setup for Google accounts currently works for one single calendar on the iPad. I can’t have that, so I scoured the web for a workaround, found one in a MacRumors forum, and used it successfully. Here’s the method to use until Google addresses the issue for Apple’s iPad — you’ll need to use the Safari browser, although this might work with user agent string spoofing on other browsers too…”

The article continues on to talk about the actual configuration steps and while *sniff* I don’t yet have an iPad to try this with *sniff*, I think if you use multiple calendars with Google Sync already, you will like how this works for you on the iPad.

Here’s a link to the article as well:

How to Sync Multiple Calendars to the iPad With Google Sync



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