Discussion: Why are people destroying iPads … For “fun”?

I have been so excited for the iPad to come out have people start computing in a different way than has been done so traditionally over these last many decades. People now have a new way of looking at how they interact with their digital world and it seems like something that should be rejoiced, at least a little bit, that someone has “taken the first step” toward a different paradigm in this computing world.

So when I hear that people are destroying iPads, I get a bit flustered, maybe even distressed, at the idea that this awesome transition in computing devices is lost on a crowd, still willing to spend money to get one and ultimately destroy it. You wouldn’t do it to a dog, cat, or other animal, and do I even need to say children or other adults?

So why, why, would anyone spend 500 bucks, or more, to simply destroy something “for fun” and lose 500 bucks? (No joking here, I mean, would you spend 500$ on almost anything and then just destroy it? Even when I was young and got a bunch of cash for some reason, I wouldn’t have done something so simply dumb as to put 500 bucks on the ground and let the wind just take it away.)

Ok, that said, here’s the carnage: (Warning, if you have heart conditions and are very hopped up on coffee, or are Apple Fanboi #1, do not watch these vids)

Outside a BestBuy (Viral, Not a Parody)

The Blended iPad (parody)

PCWorld Stress Test (parody, with actual info)

Ok I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Try not to puke. 🙂


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