Review: God of War III PSN Demo

God of War III DEMO
The Demo for the third of the trilogy in the God of War series has hit the PSN a couple several Thursdays ago and I have played through it at least 4 times without feeling bad about this just being a demo. The game itself is absolutely beautiful. Not in the Final Fantasy XIII sort of way, or in the Fl0wer sort of way, or even in the Bayonetta over the top stylized sort of way. Rather in the gritty visceral sort of way that only Kratos can deliver. Not to spoil too much, and I’m sure this is no surprise anyway, but Kratos gets to rip the head from an opponent’s body in the demo. Even better you get to control his movements to do so or face dire consequences.
Along those same lines there are equally great rewards for accomplishing the tasks set out in front of you.

The usual things you’d expect from the God of War franchise are there in abundance. Things like guts, blood, combos, kick ass cut scenes, over the top boss fights, fast and furious scenarios to advance the story, and of course guts. Oh, did I mention that already? Lots and lots of guts. And for a 20-25 minute demo, that’s impressive. You don’t get to have that “Shadow of the Colossus” type moment the demo leads you to believe you might be encountering, but you do get to do some really cool things and it’s a good introduction to the series weapons and gameplay style if you haven’t played any other games of the series.

If you haven’t played *any* of the other games in the series and you have a PS3, go get the God of War collection from … NOW! You’ll be glad you did, and that’s no lie. The games have a lot of replay ability because the type of game play is fairly linear, but also with enough of a hint of randomness in terms of how many enemies, harder difficulty settings, and some secrets and upgrades to boot. On top of that the latest installment for God of War is native HD on the PS3 and boy does it look gorgeous. Kratos never looked so bloody while covered in the ashes of his slain family. If you’ve even been thinking about trying out God of War III, you need to have this experience!

Anyhow, now that God of War III is on the shelves, I plan on picking this one up very shortly. Right after I return Bayonetta to GameFly and get Heavy Rain on my plate. w00t.

Heavy Rain will be the next review, BTW.


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