Gaming: Bayonetta for PS3

Bayonetta For the PS3
I recently finished Bayonetta for the PS3 and I was hoping to have a lot to write. I have some thoughts, but they might not be what you expect a gamer might think of this cool game from Sega.

Which Witch
If you think that being a witch is all about being studious, learning spells, potions, balance of magic powers between light and dark, you are so freakin’ wrong. Witches have way more fun than that. But you need to be careful to be on the right side of the witch’s battles. See, there are good witches and bad witches, oh, and there are also angels.

The Angels want to kill you. They have a bloodlust for your tight leather and hair clad body, including your giant guns. And by giant guns, I mean, your really big pair of … Guns. On top of guns, you can get a sword, dual shot guns, and even a pair of Durga Claws. The claws are kind of cool because they enable you to do some pretty cool attacks, but all this is besides the point at the beginning of the game. You need to decide, though inconsequentially so, which kind of which you are. This is decided by some really cool battle physics during a battle that well, you pretty much have to win and only has one outcome so you can’t really choose at all, but you do get the opportunity to fight another sexy hair and leather clad witch like yourself. She’s your mortal Frienemy and you actually get to play one part of one map as her. She’s cool cause her attacks are actually simpler to pull off and slightly more powerful, but you end up kicking her ass every time you fight anyway.

This boss, that boss, every one’s a boss
If you’ve seen one boss you’ve seen em all. and in Bayonetta, you see them all. Again, and again, and again.
One thing I will say for the boss battles, that even though many of them are identical, or at least really similar, there are some really unique bosses and by making use of “Witch Time” you can do some really cool moves and cause some serious damage without using power-ups. Speaking of power ups, you eat lollipops. yep, Lolli-freakin-pops.
There’s the green health sucker, the red rage sucker, and finally the yellow invincibility sucker. There are some other tools to use too. Like a whistle and perfume. Wooohooo.

So back to the Boss discussion. The Bosses are overall, pretty difficult to beat, but if you pay attention at the beginning of the fight, you can tell what the method for defeating the boss will be. My advice is, if you want it to just be fun, and lack some tedium, then playing the game on Easy actually might be more fun. Unless you can master the combo moves which are pretty devastating, but are almost useless during really hectic multi-enemy fights if they get too close. So learning how to use them really well is a great idea, and if you can master them, you will be unstoppable and the game will actually be more fun to play on harder levels.

Play it Again
Everytime you die, you can start again, or quit and start over from the last checkpoint all together. I do like this feature, but using the continues directly impacts your score, as do the use of power-ups and specials. If you can manage not to die too much, you’ll get an awesome score, and a better set of items and stuff at the end of the game. One cool thing though is the replayability. If you start on easy, or even very easy, then replay would also be more fun because you can learn something about the game and get better rewards for the higher difficulties. I would say, that after beating the only 3 or 4 main bosses who provide any real challenge, the replay factor does decrease. I dont’ want to be a downer, but think of this game as a Poor Man’s Kratos, with tits, a nice ass, and really cool weapons, but not as cool as the God of War himself.

The other thing that I didn’t do, that I probably should have, was watch the cutscenes. I did watch a few, but honestly, they were so long and IMO, not very entertaining but they do advance the storyline, I just lost interest and stopped watching them after the 4th or 5th one. The credits were actually more interesting to me than the cut scenes, you get trophies for battles that happen during the cut scenes during the credits. It was a unique and fun battle experience while the credits were rolling.

I really liked playing this game, but I cannot see this game as a purchase unless you really like the way it plays the first time through, like to memorize complex combos with odd timings, or have a chance to rent it before buying. The game tries to be way too serious about itself but it tries not to at the same time, a very odd, dual messaged set of signals being sent out by this game. So overall it was fun, but I could only give this game say a 3 out of 5 stars.


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