Rumor: WSJ to Charge 17.99 per month on iPad?

It’s kind of funny that a company who’s business model has been waning and well, dying, for quite some time is interested in rejuvinating itself by charging *A TON* of money for something that people might just go to the news stand and buy every day. If the current price of the WSJ is $2 per day, and I buy it 7 days a week, I will pay much more than 17.99, however, if I just want to get today’s news, then it should cost less. Please have a look at this story and see if I’m missing something. We Digital distribution lovers like things to be easy, including the price.

Please WSJ, get a clue and price things more reasonably, I dunno, like THIS:

Esquire, for instance, which is the magazine the furthest along in the Hearst family with regards to iPad development, plans to offer its iPad issues for only $2.99 an issue. That’s $2 off the standard newsstand price, which is cheaper, as one might expect.


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