Technology: MS Courier .. Kindle Killer or Hype?

The Apple Blog has a great article which consolidates media about the Microsoft Courier that gives views on the device both physically and how the form-factor would be for multiple use cases. I don’t like that the device has a split down the middle, but given the write applications, it can be very useful, and the Courier folds in half, something no matter how hard Apple iPad owners might try, cannot do. 🙂

The videos included in the link depict reading, note taking, drawing, etc, on the device with a stylus type device and with fingers. So it should be very interesting to see exactly what Redmond is up to given that “as many as 50 new tablet devices” might be on the market this year.

I’m still skeptical on the HP Slate, but it *is* a nice form-factor as well, and if you look at the previous link, you’ll see some interesting data on the HP Slate for your comparing pleasure.


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