Technology: iPad Style PC for Windows users

If the HP Slate is making you feel left out in the iPad/tablet PC cold, then maybe the Ezy PC is for you. It runs windows 7, costs $679 US, and a 10.2″ viewable screen. Here’s more specs directly from the web site:

10.2inch touch screen support multitouch with display resolution 1024x600
Broadband Internet access, 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi + WCDMATD-SCDMACDMA2000
Processor: Intel Atom N270 1.6G
Chipset: Intel 950
Storage: 2.5inch 250GB SATA
Integrated 5 in 1 SD/MS/MMC/ms-pro card slot support capacity up to 8GB
1.3mega pixels built-in webcam.

Not quite the same stats as the iPad, but it has some unique features and an interesting formfactor with multi-touch capability. The screen alone is probably half the cost, so if you’re in need of a highly mobile windows environment multi-touch solution. This just might be your ticket with *tons* of expanadability.
More specs are on the website, including USB ports!


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