Outrage: Daily Show and Colbert Report Killed … off HULU

Seems like everything that’s good must be made to suck these days. Toyotas, Black Presidents, and now a couple of white guys on Comedy Central that are also on Hulu.

In the words of Colbert, Nation … What’s wrong with this picture? Hulu is, in my opinion, and I’m always right, the best damn television-like web service out there for watching shows, and even ones I like.

So I was outraged when I heard about the following statement when I then read for myself, Look:

“After a series of discussions with the team at Comedy Central, though, we ultimately were unable to secure the rights to extend these shows for a much longer period of time,”

Have a read on the original story here: TDS.NET

So if there’s anything we can do, we should write someone, or something, and let them know we *REALLY* want those guys to stay on Hulu. The problem is, at midnight March 9th, they’re gone! Act fast everyone, even if it’s in vain, we can say we tried and get to sleep at night knowing the death of these two great men(from hulu) will not be in vain. Except for the part where it didn’t do anything, but Next Time we’ll get them.

Hope for victory, plan for defeat, create controversy.


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