Discussion: More cool math … Valve + Mac + iPad = Awesomer iPad Gaming

I’m not trying to be just a lunatic, or too crazy, but it seems to me that some of the games on Steam, would run just great on the iPad given what we’ve seen demo wise. That said, when i see an article like this and I think about the possibilities for Mac users, it dawned on me “How cool would it be to extend the iPad platform and turn it into a gaming powerhouse?”

I’m mean it’s not like there’s a vastness,nay abundance, nay a Plethora of games for the iPhone that can be converted to native resolution on the iPad, but to have STEAM on there? Of course, we could also be seeing OnLive coming to the iPad. Oh my…how exciting is all this?!

I for one look forward to seeing the changes that come with such a device, and other such devices.


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