Technology: Reasons for not Using Flash on Mobile Devices

I don’t like to say something is just wrong without a good reason, even though I might be guilty of such things in the past, but I thought the article on, about the use of Adobe Flash, was at least pretty poignant. Reasons not to use flash on Mobile Devices

Just the subject matter sounds awesome. I like Flash overall, heck, some of my favorite time-wasters are written in Flash. In my opinion though Flash has a specific kind of use pattern and use cases based on non-multitouch devices. The iPhone and iPad specifically are multi-touch devices, and to use Flash on a multi-touch device, it would seem, could currently just simply reduce the multi-touch capacity while using the application to more simplistic gestures and touches in the single touch realm. To put it simply, Flash could reduce your gesture capability to just simple touch capability because default support for multi-touch is not embedded within Flash today.

That may be changing with CS5, what with their supporting compiled iPhone apps and all, but not too many are previewing those kinds of apps just yet. I look forward to the future, but I’m really curious about the comparison between HTML5 and Flash5. Which one is lighter, easier to implement, won’t need a plugin, won’t be controlled by a single company but a more largely governed standards body? Thoughts?


2 responses to “Technology: Reasons for not Using Flash on Mobile Devices

    • I don’t mind the idea of Flash supporting multi-touch, but I’m just tired of the argument and want a standard to do the same/similar things as Flash that is supported by the WC3 as a standard. If that were to happen, then flash could extend the technology and adobe and developers could lower the cost of production. Just a thought. 🙂

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