Rumor: God of War 3 Demo on PSN Coming Soon! [UPDATE]

So I was looking through emails this AM and noticed the PSX Extreme newsletter that I often peruse but honestly don’t pay much attention to. I did notice something I would just love to see though, a Demo of God of War 3. Holy crap how awesome would that be?! And maybe even next week at that?!

My brain almost can’t handle all this excitement in one month. First SC2 Beta, and now God of War III is coming? Oh my I truely can’t wait.

I’ll post my impressions on the demo as soon as it hits. No one wants to send me the full game now though and I’ll just do a full review? Here’s to wishful thinking.


Just before the PSN outage, I got the download for the PSN Demo of GoWIII and got to play. That is one slick God of War. I have re-played it a few times and man, it’s just fun. I’ll give a more detailed review soon.


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