Discussion: Apple Content Rule Changes Say “No Skin …”

Apple’s new set of rules for App Store iPod, iPhone, and most importantly iPad apps are out and the changes are simple but important. Apple is now saying “No Skin, No Swimsuits, and No Innuendo” referring pretty much to any app that is said to be related or having to do with sexual content of any kind, except maybe a text book. (ebooks on iBooks anyone?) This was of course the rule a long time back when the iPhone and iPod touch were first release but the rules were made a little lighter as the AppStore market numbers started to dictate some of what Apple was willing to let through.

Since the announcement of the iPad, and ultimately the 3.2 Beta SDK, Apple has been starting to lean more toward that wholesome goodness (cough cough) we all know and expect from the fruit named company. I’m expecting these rules to lighten up a bit in time, but it will be a long time since we have all come to grips with the fact the iPad is *not* for just us UberGeeks, it’s actually a device for everyone, and I have been thinking a lot about iPad use by children and general audiences. This isn’t to say you can’t go find your pr0n somewhere else via Mobile Safari, etc, but you just won’t get it from anything having to do with Steve or his company.

Overall I’m OK with the change as I’ve been seeing some just stupid sexy pics apps and crap like that starting to populate the app store and honestly, as much as I might love a good rack now and again, these apps are just dumb and getting on my nerves. If my itch of angst is in any way similar to Apples, I can completely understand their point of view. At least make the darn app well written and some how useful. Maybe a RussianBrides.ru App, or a Sex Education Manual, The Cougar Guide, or even better The Big Book of Cheesy pickup lines. 🙂

Give me your thoughts?


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