How-To: Install Snow Leopard as a VM [UPDATED]

If you’re like me, you might be in your kick ass installation of “Windows 7” and think, “I miss *good multiple desktops* and my dashboard on the Mac. Well, this might just be your lucky day, for real. If you can get a hold of VMware player or Vmware Workstation 7, you can install OSX Snow Leopard to a virtual machine with this nifty guide.

Installing Snow Leopard as a virtual machine

I think this is a fairly simple low-difficulty sort of install for OSX without hacking things over and over. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you’ll have awesome performance, but it sounds like you’ll be mostly supported and it should work pretty well once installed. I’m looking forward to trying this myself!

I’ve successfully performed 2 installations on my HP 8530W system of SnowLeopard, but that’s technically another story.

I used this procedure from the article posted above:

  • Boot up your copy of VMWare Workstation 7, go to File >> Open, and select the .vmx file that you just downloaded.
  • Choose “Edit virtual machine settings”, go to CD/DVD (IDE), select “Use ISO image:”, and choose the Darwin_Snow.iso image you downloaded. AMD-based PCs should use the Darwin_Snow_Legacy.iso image instead.
  • Save your settings and the press the play button to boot the VM.
  • After booting, you may get some errors about BIOS reading, ignore them.
  • At the bottom of Workstation 7, there is a CD icon. Click that, go to settings, and it will bring you to the CD/DVD settings panel.
  • Once at the panel insert your Snow Leopard DVD and select “Use a physical drive: Auto Detect”
  • Save your settings.
  • Click the CD/DVD icon again and choose connect. The OSX installer should boot.
  • Run the installer and reboot your virtual machine. Be sure to reset your CD/DVD settings to the Darwin_Snow image. You may have to power cycle the machine a few (10) times before it boots properly.
  • Enjoy.
  • So for those of you hoping to see some OSX booting on your system, at least via the how-to up there, here’s some hope for you:


    5 responses to “How-To: Install Snow Leopard as a VM [UPDATED]

    1. Running VMWare Player on Windows 7, getting this message when I try to play the virtual machine : “To run Mac OS X you need a host on which VMware Player supports hardware virtualization.”
      I’ll try VMWorkstation next.

      • Yes, it should work. I’m running windows with vmwareplayer on a dual P4 system right now, it’s an older one too.
        Maybe you need the right vmwareplayer? Or perhaps your system does support the extensions and they’re just not on?

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