Rumor: HP Slate to Cost Less than iPad?

Electonista is reporting that the HP Slate tablet computer, with 3G, may cost less than Apple’s up-coming iPad due to be released next month though the 3G model won’t be available till April. HP is attempting to under-cut Apple for the 3G model with the HP Slate by releasing their device at less than $629.00 and will run Windows 7.
Here’s a quick bite from Electronista:

“HP’s slate PC should cost less than an equivalent iPad when it goes on sale, a leak has revealed late on Wednesday. Sources say that an entry version of the Windows 7 tablet with 3G will have similar specs to an iPad but will cost less than the $629 Apple wants to charge.”

HP Slate Running Windows 7

Now I don’t know about you, but the iPad and HP Slate, even if they had identical hardware, would be fundamentally different devices, just because of the operating systems each has. Windows 7, even for a netbook style tablet, is still Windows 7. It will also be the “starter” version of Windows 7 so will only support a small amount of running apps as well and in my opinion, not much different than the iPad, but we’ve all seen Windows Apps before, hell, we probably use them every day, even on Mac and Linux. So, for that I’m not terribly excited by the Slate, but it might be an interesting device. If only we could see a hands-on Media event like Apple did. I know the Slate was shown off, but the media doesn’t seem to be as wide in coverage over this Windows tablet than what we saw with Apple.

Read the rest of the article over at


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