Gaming: StarCraft2 Beta is Here! (For Realz!)

Alright, unless you’ve been under a rock for the past 72 hrs, you may not know that the long, and I mean *long*, awaited Closed Beta for StarCraft2 is here, today, playable, here.

So…If you got the invite message a long time ago, and haven’t seen your key yet, don’t worry. It’s a rolling invite process. As I was complaining to my friend over googlechat, I got the invite at the same time I was complaining. Talk about timing!

Anyway, the download only comes in for Windows at the moment, but the Mac stuff is grayed out, I’m guessing maybe it might come soon because it’s at least there, just grayed out. Here’s luck to those of us who have both. I like playing SC1 on the Mac, much better than on the PC, will be nice to compare with SC2 as I’m guessing this will be a vastly different experience either way.

So have patience, wait for that key, and we’ll see how big the install is once it comes down. Oh yeah, 1.64GB is the installer, I’m guessing 3.x GB after the install, and that’s just MP maps. See you on! Oh yeah, Screenshot below is from my installer, just in-case you were skeptical:

SC2 Beta Install Downloading the bits.


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