Rumor: Opera for iPhone is Fast, but not because Apple helped

The rumor is, Opera is set to release their browser for iPhone any day now, and they deny that Apple had anything to do with helping optimize the browser for the iPhone platform. Why this is actually significant, I honestly have no idea. Maybe because they don’t want anyone to think that they got help? Or maybe they don’t want to make Google or the Mozilla Foundation angry because they have denied them help getting one of their browsers on the mobile platform? That’s just speculation though, and even if Apple helped one over another, it would be simply because Steve or someone directed by Steve would do so because it made sense for Apple, and really nothing else. Unless of course the “other” browsers were disrespectful to Apple and thus facing the wrath of Apple, or worse, Steve Jobs himself. 😉

Anyway, have a read over at Apple Insider and in the mean time, enjoy the screenshot below:


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