Cycling: How Sleep Can Help You Train

One of the things I’ve been thinking of lately is about getting a good night sleep. Mainly in my training schedule. How does sleep help me do better in training? I know if I don’t get enough sleep, drink enough water during the day, or miss anything I feel my body just needs, I feel like crap when I go out for a run, ride, or to the gym. Though at the gym, honestly, it’s a controlled environment so I feel less crappy, but I know I don’t feel at the top of my training game.

I’ve been able to isolate, for me at least, a direct correlation between lack of sleep and stuff like cramps, processing food more effectively, water absorbtion, and feeling dehydrated and therefore just beat and exhausted going into a training activity. So I began to think that the crappy feeling i get can be more directly related to sleep than I first thought. I mean, sleep is greatly important, but how important to both good training and racing is it?

Well, has an article on this very subject and I think it’s worth a read.
Here’s an excerpt:

“You lay in bed wide awake. Anticipation, fear, and excitement serve to keep you from that essential ‘good night’s sleep’ before a big competition. But what is the performance cost of missing sleep? More importantly, what are the benefits of getting adequate sleep and how can you begin to bridge the gap that almost surely exists between your sleep requirements and your sleep habits?”

If you’re still interested, read the original article.


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