Rumor: Sorry Adobe, I’ve Got to Let the Cat Out about HTML5

A Fictitious Letter to Adobe Flash
Hi Adobe Flash. You might not know me, but I’ve known you for a long, long time. I remember when you were just a closed beta inside an SDK that you had to get under NDA, from your parent “Macromedia”. Developers lauded you like almost as though no one knew what the web was like before you came along. We also had a lot of frustration with you, but there were nothing more than tricky Java Script driven applications utilizing animated GIF images and series of JPGs to act like you, o’ speedy runtime web application language.

Then you got adopted by that evil step-parent of a company, Adobe. If you can call it that. See Adobe purchased your ailing primary caregiver turning them into an ailing overpriced hooker. Oh, and then your new step-parent put your ailing hooker parent out of their misery and you, poor over used, bloated, taken advantage of and a shell of your former self. What should become of you? Will you let your last gasp be as a tool of that abusive parent to kill another technology with your gleaming possibilities, or kept in the dark for the rest of your life, only taken out when they want to show you off?

No, that’s not for you. Don’t let anyone do that to you, not me and my words, nothing. Compete properly against your pre-determined adversary of HTML5, but don’t let that damn parent try to bastardize HTML5 too. It should be a fair fight, and you know it in your gut. HTML5 should be allowed to do the right things for it’s parents too. Keep your wits about you and your eyes open when you move into the arena. Good luck to you and to us all.

Now for the story
Over at Apple Insider, there’s an article about how Adobe wants to kill HTML5, or at least greatly delay it, then things like mobile devices and iPhones, iPods, and iPads (in particular), will be left to look to Adobe’s Flash to get the video and interactive content all those folks out there have been pushing for a while now. Some really great applications too, but if HTML5 is better, for any reason, then it *should* be the way it goes and Flash should be in the back seat complimenting HTML5, not over-riding it.

Have a look at the original article here: Adobe Trying to Kill HTML5


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