Rumor: Microsoft Likes iPad … Maybe?

Over at Mac Rumors there’s an article about how Microsoft might attempt to approach the business side of the iPad with a compatible version of Office for the Apple tablet device. No specifics on what exactly this means if it is true since this story is pretty light on details. The fact that a Microsoft spokes person is even mentioning this as a possibility gives me hope for the much poopoo’d “iPod Touch XTreme (the X means Xtra!)” labeled device.

This is just another move on the great chessboard of technology by such giants as Microsoft and Apple. Steve opens this chess game and introduces his “pawn” touchy device, Launches iWork10 for it. Microsoft then counters with a blatant defensive with their “Knight” ‘we can do that’ strategy and launches a co-branded tablety device with HP, and Zune HD announcement. Apple then counters with their “Knight” iPhone 4G refresh to be A+ leaving Microsoft to counter with pawns of Winmo7 pushed back and Bill Gates then saying “Tablet is OK, but needs a keyboard and stylus to be ultimately useful”, then rolls out their Bishop “Microsoft Office for iPad a Possibility”. All the while Apple is looking to hire someone for possible iPad Camera Devlopment.

If this is not a game of cat and mouse between the two companies, I don’t know what to think.


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