Fitness: Awesome bike race – La Ruta de los Conquistadores

For those of you that like adventure, biking, and maybe even racing, here’s a link for you: AdventureRace the official site of the “La Ruta de los conquistadores” bike and adventure race in Costa Rica. This year is the 10th annual race and Carmichael Training Systems has 10 spots open that. Find more information at the link I just provided, or if you already know and wanna be considered for one of the 10 spots, fill out the application.

I for one get giddy looking at some of the pictures on the AdventureRace site as going to Costa Rica to train and race would freakin’ be awesome and one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had, and I do love to mountain bike, and it would give me a reason to train really hard. But before I do a race like that, I’m thinking I’m going to train hard for some local races, and then move on to something bigger.

Maybe even one day I might do some road biking, which I do enjoy and need to do again, so if anyone has a bike, bike frame, or other road bike parts to give a way, I’d greatly appreciate a donation. I have 4 kids and I don’t get to spend too much on cool stuff like that, but I’m sure gonna try!
Happy riding!


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