Discussion: The Best Tights for Running

I’ve been looking for a while at which tights I should buy, and during the Xmas holidays, I got an awesome deal on some closeout CW-X Insulator Expert tights. They’re tight, comfortable, well insulated, and the stabilizer “web” certainly helps me run on some of the nasty terrain where I like to run. Well, until I fell because I got stupid running down hill no snow covered ice one day. Not a bad gash on me, but my tights took a slight beating. Now I wanna get another so I don’t wear them out, but the version I wanted can’t be found again. I have to get the new ones: CW-X Stabilyx Insulator Pro(nice tights btw) but they’re a bit more costly than what I have currently, so I’m contemplating this quite a bit.

That said, I found this article from Running Times : Tight Lines. Excellent article, and tons of research resources at the end that should at least help you research. One piece of advice to anyone who reads the article though, read it then look at the resources list as your opinions of what to wear may change once you’ve reviewed the story.

Anyhow, you all have a read and let me know what conclusions you come up with as well!


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