Discussion: First Gen iPad … Buy or No Buy? What I really want.

Been a while since I posted any articles on the iPad, and I thought I’d bring up the discussion again since we’re nearing the middle of February and we’re still no where near a launch date, I have speculated for a bit that prices might come down, but let’s start the discussion.

1. I want a subsidy – This will help everyone get an iPad, and I might be able to just add-on to my current family plan for this, and yeah, I’d probably just get the 15$/month plan, and have an awesome excuse to use it at StarBucks, just make that damn VPN work with custom crazy Microsoft VPNS, ok Apple?
2. I want a front camera – While I’m at StarBucks, I might actually wanna chat with someone, like those now remote workers I have to deal with because we’ve all been kicked out of our offices, instead of losing our jobs. And despite what some article says, I’ll believe it when I see it.
3. I want a global document sharing API – I can only imagine what DropBox on the iPad would be like if I have iWork and iBooks, etc, that could be truly powerful and awesome, it’s not that I don’t like MobileMe, I just think DropBox is simpler. If there was a filesharing API, it could make things like sharing with the iPad a lot easier, despite the new API rumors, I still want this registered!
4. I need wireless iTunes Sync – This isn’t to be said that iTunes should *host* my music, but I want to be able to have some sort of sync with iTunes either in the form of HomeShare, or actual sync over wifi, including scheduling, contacts, photos, the works. Yes, I really want this and I think this device can just do it. Even if it were Mac exclusive.
5. May I please have handwriting – This is just an obvious capability, but damn, I really should be able to somehow write on the iPad. I mean come on, it’s a tablet, I have fingers, and I’m *not* surprised about the touchy keyboard. I *would* be surprised about some Newton style writing on this thing. (only better of course)
6. I want iPhone Tethering with the iPad – that is the iPad and the iPhone will work together to tether while I’m on the road. I would want this functionality if I have an original iPad (1G) and only had WIFI, and no 3G. I might even decide to pay extra…hmmmmm?! (You listening AT&T, Apple, Verizon?)
7. I would really like more storage on the base model – Everyone 16GB is nothing. We all can put 16GB of videos we bought off of iTunes in a bout 12 minutes. That’s almost useless without a proper remote storage and streaming technology on a device with limited storage capacity, MobileMe not withstanding … Again.
8. Maybe remote storage with iPhone 4G? – I would love to be able to use the new iPhone, with higher storage capacity and device capabilities, to somehow integrate more closely with the iPad platform. If mobile computing and such is the goal, then this sort of functionality should just be rote. Please, allow my limited storage capacity device to use a share or something from my iPhone. It would be awesome, and an impossible to break “Killer iPad App.”
9. Please help me VPN and sync to Exchange via Exchange proxy and import self signed certificates – This is a common scheme in the enterprise space. Companies have Microsoft stuff left and right, and they use self-signed certificates also. Importing this certificate for use with Exchange would be awesome with the iPad’s formfactor and nifty new apps.

So, I hope that TUAW.com is correct with this article about the possibility or at least speculation, of iPad price drops. If you look at the link you’ll see that this is very important aspect could be true, or at least happen, but the problem with this is that it’s only one of the 9 things I posted. Hmm..percentage, 1/9th is … 11.1 percent. And that might still happen, but it will be a long shot at launch.

Let’s all keep our fingers collectively crossed, and maybe I’ll be at StarBucks with an awesome 64GB iPad by July!


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