Myth: Saint Valentine’s Revenge

Whoever thinks love is just around the next corner, or you think there’s something to the whole celebration of St. Valentine’s Day, then have a look here:

The myth is that if a woman saw a specific kind of bird on this fateful day, then she’d marry a man with a specific kind of demeanor:

Blackbird… A man of the cloth (Priest)
Bluebird… A man of laughter
Crossbill… A man of argument
Dove… A man of kindness
Goldfinch… A man of wealth
Robin… A man of the sea
Sparrow… A man of the country
Woodpecker… No man !!!
Yellow Hammer… A man of wealth
Yellow Wagtail… A man of wealth

Those last two are really suspect, in my opinion, of course adding to the bullshit of this holiday, but hey, who am I to judge right?

Here’s the link to the original article:

For those of you liking something a little more interesting about Valentine’s day, Check out this awesome Myth: M&M’s Make You Horny!


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