Discussion: Asics Gels Trail Running Shoes

I just wanted to give everyone my thoughts on the Asics Gels trail running shoes. I got them quite a long time ago now, about 3yrs now, and I have the utmost respect for these things. They’re getting a bit beat, and I probably should get new ones, but I still love the firm feel they have on my foot, the awesome grip they have for running trails, and the light weight they have for a pretty regular mainstream trail shoe. Since 3 yrs ago though Asics has come out with some new models and I’m interested in finding out which ones you might recommend. Post any info you care to share in the comments. Thanks in advance!


2 responses to “Discussion: Asics Gels Trail Running Shoes

    • Hah, yeah, I know. But I only used them in the summer for the most part, crammed in some trail running, then put them away in winter. Now I’m using them any time, and well, I should probably get some new ones. I think that’s where my shin pain is coming from, that and running up these hills on my toes. LOL

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