Discussion: Green Battery Tech in Li-Ion batteries?

Not that I’m going to poopoo such an idea, but it just seems to me that Lithium Ion batteries are so finite that one of them lasting 20yrs could be hogwash, but this article over at Electronista is aiming to talk about some new technology in LiON batteries.
If you like green tech, and who doesn’t (amiright?!?) then have a read here: Electronista.com

If you don’t like green tech, here’s a link just for you: GOP.Gov



2 responses to “Discussion: Green Battery Tech in Li-Ion batteries?

  1. Fun article. I feel that although battery technology has progressed a lot, it is lagging seriously behind silicon chips. Advances in mobile computing need to slow down to keep pace with battery life. Thanks for pointing to the Electronista article.

    • Totally agree. We need a couple of things, I think. The mobile tech trends, as they currently are, need to slow down to let the battery tech catch up, or the mobile tech needs to include the battery tech in order to keep pace with social mobile trends.
      The latter is probably the preferred option, but the better option is probably to have all this tech speed slow down a bit, and then resume later on once battery life and sustainability surpasses the current needs of the mobile tech trends.

      I feel that the mobile tech keeping pace with battery tech is probably what is going to happen.

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