Flashback: What people used to think about iPod.

I saw a piece over at Edible Apple about the original iPod release it really got me thinking. Well, ok, remembering is probably more accurate. Those of us in tech-land, cyberspace, whatever you wanna call it, understand things seem to get dead before they are really classified as “old.” After taking a look at the original iPod discussions, it sounds like more of the same for iPad, and perhaps that’s where I differ with some in the industry as a whole. I remember the first 20MB HDD I had and how just ridiculously awesome it was *AND* it cost $300 bucks, was used, and proprietary to Seagate, controller and all. It was way faster than floppies of course, and I could put a crapload of stuff on that stinkin’ hard drive, and then Windows 2.0. Awesome. (not really, but it was sort of cool at the time) Don’t even get me started about Desqview, Tandy, and Amigas, but I digress.

Let me get to the point here: You know, it’s been a pretty long time since the iPod v1.0 release. I wasn’t mad at Apple about it, but I was skeptical about how well this “new MP3 Player” would do and “Why the hell did we need another one?” and “That’s all it does?” I couldn’t freakin’ exist the way I do today without my iPhone. No way, no how, and I don’t even have a 3GS. (I do have 3G though, so I am happy about that at least. ^_^) So when I read This Article over at Edible Apple, it’s no surprise that we can apply the same “fast paced cyberspace tech-race keeping up with the joneses” mentality with the iPad.

I for one, think we are on the verge of a new wave of computing prowess and usefulness. It’s one of the reasons that the iPhone is so popular and *why* Apple locks things down. The “KISS” method, right? Keep it simple stupid! Well, the iPad is very similar in it’s usefulness and even if a new iPad like device comes out with OSX on it, it will not be in the same league as iPhone/iPod Touch devices because it will do something the iPad wasn’t meant to do. I don’t like that Steve or whoever at apple kicks us in the crotch every time we wanna jailbreak or whatever, and tinker with our devices, but I can understand the need to keep support costs low by locking down a “mass market” device that *most* people don’t have the ability to hack on, let alone even the desire to hack on it. They do indeed just want a device that works, and I think, regardless of Flash support, and all that BS, that the iPad is going to be just as successful in changing how we compute as the original iPod was at changing how we listen… to music at least, even if not one another.


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