Look Here: More iPad, but with a twist

The rumor mill seems to be working over time about iPad, I think because so many people wanted this thing to be so ridiculously awesome and it’s only really cool.
An example of this “coolness” can be described a bit here: http://www.appadvice.com – Good editorial with a bit of a fresh perspective, and if you can tell, still seems to be only part of the strategy for Apple.
A more interesting and almost perfectly understandable rumor is found at http://www.TechCrunch.com – This rumor has an interesting perspective on what apple might be doing and almost makes perfect sense to me. Steve is so good at marketing, this is entirely plausible to 1. get the foot in the door with the original iPad, and 2. barge through said door with an awesomely cool device with a real touchy Mac OSX.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and if it turns out to be true, it will be one happy day for anyone who loves Apple, or just plain likes the concept Apple is pursuing. Good luck to us all.


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